150th Anniversary—1988

John George Schumm Family History


This History

Is affectionately dedicated to

John George Schumm

And his 5 children

Who settled in the Schumm area

150 years ago


The Committee hereby extends its thanks and Appreciation to the following who so kindly

Gave their time and efforts in 1928 to make This history possible: Rev. H. Josenhans,

Ruppertshofen, Wuertemberg; Lorenz G. Schumm, Edgar G. Schumm, Clara M. Schumm, Wm. J. Schumm Paul T. Schumm, and Hugo J. Schumm.



The content of the John George Schumm History presented here has been reproduced with the approval of the Schumm Reunion.


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Landmark of Schumm area is the beautiful brick church.  Built in Gothic style, it was dedicated

In 1915.