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John George Schumm Family History

by his office. Only men of some means and those willing to serve took upon themselves the duties of looking after the properties of the church. In 1806 the Hohenloher Ebene was annexed and became part of the Kingdom of Wuertemberg, and the succeeding years brought about the rise of Napoleon. The French Emperor drafted many, and the taxes grew in weight. When the troops of Napoleon passed through the peaceful and tranquil community, the demands were so unbearable that many gave their lives in the attempt to free the people from the French grip. Among these, as noted above, was the brother of Johann Georg.


             The wife and mother died February 5, 1822, and on July 31, 1831, the second son, Georg Michael, died at the age of 23, Johann Georg III, Maria Rosine I, and Anna Marie having preceded the mother and brother. This Ieft the father with four sons and two daughters. The sons were fast reaching the age when they might be pressed into service to fight off foreign invaders, and this is what swayed Johann Georg into a course of action that eventually led him into the wilderness of far off northwestern Ohio. From friends in the neighboring village of Weinsberg he heard of a settlement in eastern Ohio to which others in that locality had migrated. The town was Winesburg, Ohio, which took its name from the original town of its first inhabitants.



















             Johann Georg sold his property and began preparations for the departure. A contract for the sale of his possessions was signed in October, 1832. The purchase price was 9,556 Florin or Gulden, Fl. 3,000 paid in cash, Fl. 3,283 paid on Martini (November 11), 1832, and Fl. 3,283 payable Lichtmesse (February 2), 1833. In March, 1833, as soon as the transaction had been consummated, Johann Georg left Germany for the distant Land of Promise. Accompanying him were his five children, Maria Katherina, Georg Martin, Johann Friederich, Johann Jakob, and Georg Ludwig.


             Maria Rosine II remained behind in Germany to be a comfort to the maternal grandparents in their declining years. Originally it had been planned to have her follow later, but she did not survive the grandparents, dying March 27, 1842.

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