150th Anniversary—1988

John George Schumm Family History

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Over 200 years have elapsed since John George Schumm first saw the light of day, and more than a century and a half since he landed on American soil. And 150 years have passed since he first viewed the beauties of Van Wert county and made his abode there. What wonderful happenings since then! What progress since 1838! When the Schumms from near and far come together for one of their reunions, the gleaming spire of a large, beautiful brick church, pointing heavenward, proclaims from afar that the old church has long ago been outgrown, and that the old Lutheran faith still has its staunch adher­ents among the children's children of John George. The old, well-kept cemetery, the smiling landscape dotted with flourishing, modern farms; the rolling green fields intersected by smooth, hard-surfaced highways; sleek, contented cattle grazing in the pastores; telephones, well-filled barns, barn-yards teeming with fowl and other animal life; modern conveniences, such as electricity, electric washers, automobiles, the rural mail carrier bringing the news by day and the radio and TV by night; happy people, young and old - they all tell the story that John George Schumm had chosen well,

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Home of Georg Michael Fisher, Ruppertshofen in 1987

Mrs. Meyer lives on 1st floor above the steps

Area below (street level) used to be a cow stable

Church in Ruppertshofen that John George Schumm attended.

Built about 1725. Picture was taken from Fisher home.