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John George Schumm Family History

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John George Schumm with his four sons, George M., John J., Ludwig (Louis), Frederick, and his son-in-law, Michael Schueler, were six of the eight members who in the year 1846 founded Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, a year before the organization of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Missouri, Ohio and other states, now known as the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod. This congregation the next year became one of the charter members of the synod aforementioned. Their pastor at that time was the Rev. G. Streckfuss. At the time of its organization this congregation was the only Lutheran one within a radius of many miles. In the course of time it has become the mother of several smaller Lutheran congregations.


During the time of its existence, several houses of worship were built by the congregation. The first one was a small log structure, at the location of­ the present parsonage. The second church was notable in this, that the pulpit, the altar, the pews, in fact, all the fixtures, were made of black walnut. 



















It was this church that saw the congregation grow at its fastest. This church stood in the midst of the cemetery, surrounded by the founders of the congrega­tion asleep in their graves. The church which is used at present was dedicated in 1915. The old church was outgrown, and a new church was a matter of necess­ity. It is a fine structure, built in the Gothic style, with windows of a beautiful warm tint, and stands opposite the site of the old church. The Pastors who performed the dedication ceremonies and preached the sermons were all of the Schumm family. The Rev. George M. Schumm, grandson of John George Schumm, solemnly dedicated the church to the use of the Word of God and the doctrines of the Evangelical Lutheran church. He having been asked to perform this act because he had been pastor of the congregation in years past. The pastors assisting in the dedication were the Rev. Ferd. Schumm and Rev. John Schinnerer. It was an impressive day which will not be forgotten soon by the

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