150th Anniversary—1988

John George Schumm Family History

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that God blesses honest endeavor, and above all that He is kind and merciful and gracious, not rewarding us according to our deeds but according, to His grace and mercy. If John George Schumm could but see the fruit with which God has blessed his labors! May his ashes rest in peace, until the Savior Jesus Christ awakens them on the great resurrection morn.


The Schumm family in America is now in its ninth generation. Members of the family are scattered from New York to California. There are more than 4,000 persons which belong to the family in its entirety. There are Schumms in nearly every state in the Union. They are found on the farms and in the cities, school-room and in the pulpit; one of them, Chris. Schumm, a Lutheran parochial school teacher, wrote a German primer (Deutsche Fibel), which was widely used in its days.

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George M. and Maria (Pflueger) Schumm

Only picture of 2nd Generation

Maria Pflueger—Picture taken about 1860