150th Anniversary—1988

John George Schumm Family History

History 20

descendants of John George Schumm.


Across the road from the church at Schumm is a plat of land which teems with memories of the long ago. It has a peculiar significance to every Schumm, fit to awaken a spirit of veneration. In the midst of the cemetery shaded by trees where birds sing the whole summer day long, John George Schumm lies buried. Like a patriarch of old, he lies in the midst of his progeny, in the shadow of the church which he helped build and foster. He died September 15, 1846, being then 69 years of age. “By their fruits ye shall know them.” The cemetery, by the way, even antedates the founding of the congregation. The first person to be buried upon it was John George's daughter, Katherine (Mrs; M. Schueler), who died the same year the settlement was founded, in 1838. The hardships of a pioneer life took their toll, and she died young in years, but as we hope, rich in faith and the hope of the life to come.


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From left to right—H.G. Schumm, Rev. Geo. Schumm, Louis M. Schumm, J.F. Schumm

Picture taken from old homestead and present home of Ronnie Dietrich

Possibly on day of dedication of new church in 1915.

In background are both the old and new churches


Old trunk brought from Germany

By John George Schumm