150th Anniversary—1988

John George Schumm Family History

   In World War II, Edgar Schumm and Victor Schueler gave their lives for their country and during the Korean conflict, we added the name of Emanuel Roehm to the list.  Possibly there were other Schumms who paid the supreme sacrifice.  There were also many Schumms that fought for Uncle Sam during these years to preserve our freedom.



















The Schumms did not cross the Atlantic in a steamer but in a sail-ship. The voyage was a long one,  not less than sixty-two days being consumed by the voyage, or two full months. They finally, however, landed in America, as much as can be ascertained, in Philadelphia. This was in 1833. From Philadelphia they traveled inland, for they were looking for land on which they intended to build their future home. The railway industry was barely born. All travel as


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Major John Schumm

Sail ship of early 1800’s