150th Anniversary—1988

John George Schumm Family History

History 23

George M., a son of George M. Schumm, once stepped into the ticket office of the Clover Leaf Railroad at Toledo, Ohio, and demanded a ticket for Schumm, Ohio, to be good on a through train. The ticket agent informed him that this train did not stop at Schumm. The ticket agent became abusive and wanted to know who he was, that he should order through trains stopped just because he had the notion. George replied: "I am George Schumm, from Schumm, Ohio, and I want a ticket for Schumm”. The agent finally became convinced that he meant business and called up the general passenger agent. The latter heard the story and said: "Sell him a ticket and have the train stop". The reason these trains could be stopped at Schumm was that John George had made an agreement with the Clover Leaf Railroad when it was being built through the Schumm country, that he

would give them the land they needed if they would stop all trains there and put up a station. Later on they compromised that trains would be stopped when flagged, would take on and drop off passengers, and that the station should be called Schumm.


During the World War, Fred Schumm and son, Charles, sold some walnut trees to the government for which they received an exceptionally high price of $1,800.00 on account of the size and quality of the trees. They were still some of the old original stand John George had found when he first came to Van Wert county. The wood of these trees was used for gun stocks.















The town of Schumm is located in the center of the original 800 acres. At one time it contained a grain elevator, a saw mill, a country store, a filling station, post office, and about a dozen houses. A short distance south of Schumm was the church, school and parsonage. But progress has taken its toll. With the ever increase of speed and use of trucks and cars, gone today are all but the church and parsonage and about a half dozen houses. The railroad is still there, but trains have been discontinued.


The first reunion of the Schumm family was held in 1924. It has been held every two or three years except during World War II. This year is the 28th, and marks the 150th Anniversary of the settling of the Schumms in Van Wert county. Special reunions were held in 1933 and 1938 to mark the 100th Anniversary of the landing of the Schumms in America and the settling at Schumm, Ohio. In 1983, the 150th year of the Schumms coming to America was recognized. An average of 450 descendants of John George Schumm attend these reunions each time.

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Post Office in Schumm about 1930