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John George Schumm Family History

In the next generation we have a Leonhard Schumm, born on the Gaishof in 1606. After the Thirty Years' war he made his home at Klein Allmerspann. At best, the records of the first generations are but fragmentary. Due to the war everything suffered, even records of the church.


           Third generation: Johannes Schumm, born 1640 at Klein Allmerspann; married Maria Franz, May 12, 1663; and died April 8, 1717.

Fourth generation: Melchior Schumm, ninth child, born April 25, 1683, at Klein Allmerspann; married Anna Katharina Fick, March 6, 1708; and died May 5,1747. His occupation is given as "Bauer and Gerichtsverwandter.

Fifth generation: Wilhelm Melchior Schumm, third child, born April 4, 1713, at Klein Allmerspann; married Anna Regina Fischer, June 7, 1733; and moved to Ruppertshofen where he died July 12, 1778. Occupation, Gerichtsverwalter and Steiner.








Sixth generation: Johann Georg Schumm, second child, born December 1, 1738, at Ruppertshofen; married Anna Margareta Franz, November 22, 1774; died September 2, 1791. Occupation, Bauer. To this union were born three children, Anna Marie Schumm, who died when only two years old, Johann Georg Schumm II, and Johann Georg Albrecht Schumm, who died November 1, 1813, in a hospital at Leipzig as the result of a wound received in the "Voelkerschlacht".


Seventh generation: Johann Georg Schumm II, born at Ruppertshofen, August 4, 1777; married Anna Maria Fischer, April 28, 1807; the daughter of Georg Michael Fischer and Anna Maria Hobenstein Fischer. They had the following ten children: Johann Georg III, Georg Michael, Maria Katherina, Georg Martin, Johann Friederich; Johann Jakob, Georg Ludwig, Maria Rosine I, Anna Marie, and Maria Rosine II.


Johann Georg Schumm II while in Ruppertshofen not only cultivated his farm, but also found time to serve his church as "Heiligenpfleger". In this country the same duties are performed by the treasurer and trustees. That he was in more than moderate circumstances at the time is indicated

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