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John George Schumm Family History

When John George with his children reached America they went almost directly to Holmes County, Ohio. Here they settled as the tax records reveal that the father paid taxes in Paint township, and George Martin paid taxes in Prairie township for the year 1835. After several years, however, it was decided that a more favorable location might be had elsewhere. The western movement in this country was gaining steadily in momentum at the time, and no doubt it was the constant stream of pioneers who passed westward through Holmes county that impelled John George to venture forth to a more suitable place. Consequently he began the long trek of over three hundred miles that was to lead him to the spot in Van Wert county where the old family homestead still stands today. Here, for a consideration of one thousand dollars, he purchased outright a tract of land eight hundred acres in size, and received a patent to the property signed by President Martin Van Buren.














No nation known to history has ever progressed and grown strong without the quiet, steady work done by the bulk of the people who make for a lasting impress on the characteristics of a nation, it has so much to do with the development of a country. The thousands of families which have been the pioneers of the nation and the deeds of these people who cleared our forests, broke the virgin sod of our prairies, who toiled on river and plain and freshly cut-over timberland, who suffered hardships and privations, who faced danger from Indians and wolves, from outlaws and the reckless element of the frontier, deserve to be recorded among the deeds of the most illustrious families of the nation. The names of these families who have played a proud part in the development of our country, who have a history rich in deeds for the welfare of the state wherein they live and for the country to which their forefathers emigrated, is no doubt a very large one. But the records of many of these families are lost, in many cases no records were kept at all.

To this the history of the Schumm family is an exception. Its records, though not complete, are still at hand to such a degree and cover the history of the family to such an extent, that the part played by this family in the building of our nation can be traced from its beginning to the present day. The history of the Schumm family is closely connected with the state of Ohio, particularly in Van Wert county and in the northern part of Mercer county, in the St. Mary's river bottoms. It is in this part of the state that they hewed their homes out of the wilderness of the forests surrounding them; it is here that they planted and sowed and reaped, built and toiled; it is here

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Original Patent for 800 Acres

Signed by President Martin Van Buren